Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Compass Magazine available in print?

Currently it’s an online-only publication. We will consider adding a print edition if demand and funding are sufficient. 

Who sponsors The Compass Magazine?

The Compass Magazine was founded by a group of Seventh-day Adventist laypeople who saw the need for an independent voice within Adventism that would address challenging issues yet support the church and its beliefs. We are an independent nonprofit organization not affiliated with any official church entity.

Do you come at topics from a particular perspective?

We like to say that we will be “centered” on Christ and His Word. We believe that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is God’s remnant church, that Ellen G. White was raised as an end-time prophet to provide wisdom to its members and that the 28 fundamental beliefs of the church are an important guide for belief and practice.

We believe that the Christian church in general, and the Adventist Church in particular, is under attack from many angles. However, we have no set of special “issues” or special eschatology that we are trying to advance. We seek to support the church in its effort to convey the truth as it is in Jesus.

How can I get involved with The Compass Magazine?

1. Please pray that we will always provide accurate information and present it in a Christlike spirit.

2. Share our website with friends and family. Each article has buttons to help you share it easily on social media and by email.

3. Tell us about news or information that we might want to include in The Compass Magazine.

4. Write for us! We are always looking for Adventists to share fresh perspectives on spiritually relevant topics. Contact us with your article ideas.

5. As a nonprofit ministry, we are funded by donations. Your gifts to The Compass Magazine are tax-deductible. Give online.